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Professional Editing and Writing Services to Help Prepare Your Project for Publication

It’s a publishing truism that every writer needs an editor, every project needs at least a little polishing. From simple fact checking and proofreading to wholesale structural overhauls, Manuscript Medics offers the widest possible range of high-quality, affordable services.

Owner and principal editor, Allen Morris Jones, has more than fifteen years of experience in all stages of manuscript preparation. A magazine editor as well as a book editor, a published author and book critic, he is anxious to bring his unique skill set to bear on behalf of your project.

Our four distinct categories of editing each offer their own type of service and price structure. Developmental editing, as the recommended first step, is the most thorough look at your project, often involving structural overhauls and wide-ranging rewrites. Copyediting reviews the manuscript for problems in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and paragraph structure. Proofreading looks for errant typos, misspellings, and obvious errors in presentation. Our consulting service simply evaluates your manuscript and offers direction, both with regard to general rewrites as well as its viability in the publishing marketplace.

Writing can be a lonely, uncertain affair. Submit your manuscript for its free review and we’ll do our best to see that it ultimately finds its ideal readers.

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